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Application Deadlines
What You Don't Know Can Limit Your Options
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Which Adviser Should I See?
1st/2nd Years - Madeline
2nd/3rd Years - Kim
Int'l/Exchange Students - Erin
Seniors - Barron
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Use your Rhodes Aid to attend an Exchange Program!
Students interested in an Exchange Program MUST speak with Erin Hillis in the Buckman Center a minimum of a complete semester in advance of the relevant deadline to apply for exchanges.
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Internet Browser Update!
Please use Google Chrome and/or Firefox internet browsers to view the full content of our website. Our site cannot be fully viewed from the Microsoft Edge browser.
Summer Scholarship UPDATE!!
Please visit the Need-Based Scholarship Page for an update on the process of applying for aid in the Summer! The scholarship is no longer first come first serve, applications DUE Dec. 17th