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Affiliated Programs Policy

Studying Abroad with an Affiliated Program

Be informed. Understand this policy. It may have an impact on your Off-Campus Study options. 

Rhodes has established "Affiliated Program" partnerships with other colleges, universities and international organizations. Students participating on an Affiliated Program pay tuition, room, and board (in some cases, partial or no board) to Rhodes and receive tuition, room and board (or partial or no board) on the off-campus program. Rhodes institutional aid and federal/state aid are portable for these programs. Rhodes offers over 600 such options for off-campus study. Credit earned on Affiliated programs is treated as transfer credit.

Students may study off-campus on one semester or year-long Exchange or Affiliated Program in addition to one of Rhodes' own semester-long programs, such as Rhodes' Fall NYC Internship Program, Rhodes' Fall Global Ghana Program, and Rhodes' Fall Global Environmental Challenges Program.