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Fac/Staff International Travel Registration

Rhodes Has Exceptional Faculty and Staff

Every year Rhodes faculty and staff enrich our campus community by traveling abroad individually or with students.

The Rhodes College International Travel Registration Policy requires faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad for College purposes to register their travel with the Buckman Center. Travel abroad for College purposes is defined as an international activity funded in any part by Rhodes or in which the traveler represents the College. Such activities include, but are not limited to, travel to conferences, competitions, research, co-curricular activities, volunteer work, site visits, institutional collaboration, or internships abroad.

Travel registration is not an approval process. The information on travel plans will remain private and is only connected to an individual in case of emergency.

How to Create Your International Travel Registration:
STEP 1. You'll click "Register Now" below
STEP 2. You'll be prompted to build your itinerary before you can move on. Click the + sign to add the city and dates in country for each location you'll be visiting (you'd click the + button to keep building your itinerary if you're traveling to multiple locations). If your city doesn't appear to be an option, please email Rachel Gasser ( with that city name for help.