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Local Transportation & Travel

Be Aware
  • If a package is left unattended near you by someone, in any crowded public place (i.e. airports, train stations, “the tube” in London or on a bus or other public transportation), notify the driver or other authority and get away from it as quickly as possible.
  • Be careful with whom you ride in a car. Some countries are less adamant about curtailing drinking and driving, making it more common to drive under the influence. If the person driving you is driving in an unsafe manner, insist that they stop and try to get help.
  • Most of you will be using public transportation on a regular basis. You may see other passengers who do not appear to be paying for buses or other public transportation. Be careful not to copy them. Many of them have passes that are shown only when asked by an inspector. If you are caught without a bus ticket or pass, you can be pulled off the bus or tram and taken to the police station. Consider a monthly pass if you will have to take the bus or subway every day. In the long run, it is cheaper than fines that can be 50 times the original cost of the ticket.

Travel During Weekend and Breaks
  • Do not travel alone. Always try to travel with at least one other person.
  • Be careful whom you allow to join your group. Make sure that anyone who joins your group is well known by someone you know. Terrorists and thieves have used unsuspecting travelers as a cover when traveling.
  • Know the current weather and political situation at your destination and consider postponing a visit to a place if there have been problems there recently. Check the U.S. Consular website for your location and read their safety information bulletins about the location you are planning to visit. Knowledge of current events is important. Read the paper and watch some TV to stay informed.