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Housing & Money


Housing opportunities vary by program and range from a local household or an apartment to an international dorm. Given that standards of living vary from country to country, you should expect certain fundamental differences with respect to comfort. Electrical systems, heating systems, even the water pressure may be different from what you are accustomed to at home or on campus. Storage room, including closet space, is usually at a premium abroad, so keep packed luggage to a minimum. If you are planning to bring electronic equipment, make sure to pack the proper adapters for the system overseas (you can check a travel guide to that country to find out what you’ll need). Keep in mind that housing is not the reason you have decided to go abroad.

Write down the residence address in the language of the country before you go abroad.

Determine your Budget for the Semester

You (and your parents) will find it helpful if you put together an estimated budget for your semester abroad. Depending on the program in which you are enrolled, fees may include tuition, housing, airfare, board, and/or excursions. You should plan to bring additional money to cover personal expenses, textbooks, and course materials, and any other costs not included in your program fee. Also, remember to factor in the possibility of exchange rate fluctuations. There is a Budget Planning Worksheet on this site's "Related Documents and Forms" menu.  

Be sure to copy credit cards and have customer service numbers available in case of an emergency.

Financial Aid Forms

If you will not be at Rhodes Campus at the time the application for financial assistance is due for the coming academic year, make arrangements in advance to obtain the forms you need, or request the Financial Aid office to forward the forms to your family for action.