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Fact-finding and research are imperative at the beginning of the process to Study Off-Campus and Abroad.  

Here are three "landmarks" to guide your journey off-campus:
  • Choose your program wisely. Off-campus study hones your critical, reflective, cross-cultural and intrapersonal skills. These skills and your liberal arts education are attractive to prospective employers and grad schools.
  • Deadlines matter. Put them in your calendar and plan ahead.
  • Policies (or, more correctly, not knowing what they are) can severely impact your academic credit, your out-of-pocket expenses, and you off-campus experience in general.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with ...
Step One: Attend an Advising Session. We will cover program options, financial aid, credit transfer, study abroad by major, deadlines, policies, and quite a bit more. It's "Study Abroad 101." (For instance, How do I find the program that fits me best? How do I make sure the credits transfer to Rhodes? How do I apply for scholarships? How do I plan my budget? How do I select housing?)
Group Advising Sessions are in Burrow Hall, Lower Level twice per week.

Step Two: Make an Appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor after you have attended an Advising Session. Request your appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor. All appointments are in Burrow Hall, Lower Level. 

Step Three: Talk to a Returned Student.
The Rhodes Global Diplomats (RGD) are past study abroad students. RGDs love to talk to future abroaders about living abroad, homestays, course credit, traveling, and #protips. Contact the Study Abroad Associate, Emily Perry to get in touch with your RGDs.

Questions about any of this? Email and we'll get right back to you.