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Incoming Exchange Students


Welcome, Exchange Student Candidates!

Exchange Students "study abroad" at Rhodes College for either a semester or a year, while remaining enrolled at their home institutions. These students are from the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), or one of Rhodes′ 10 Bi-Lateral Exchange Partners:
  • University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • University of Aberdeen, Scotland
  • University of Kent, England
  • University of East Anglia, UK
  • Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain
  • University of Poitiers, France
  • University of Tuebingen, Germany
  • Rheinland-Pfalziche Technische Universitat Kaiserlautern-Landau
  • University of Lima, Peru
  • Iberoamericana University in Puebla, Mexico
How To Apply to be an Exchange Student
After consulting with your home school′s Study Abroad Office, click  to begin your application.

Your application will have pieces that you can upload to this online application or post to our office. Any pieces sent by post should be sent to:
Elin Ovrebo
Rhodes College
Buckman Center for International Education
2000 North Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112

Incomplete or late applications may not be considered.


Once your complete application has been received, our Exchange Coordinator, Dr. Elin Ovrebo, will mail you the necessary documents for your visa application to study in the United States. You should expect to receive your packet of materials within two months of our receiving your complete application.

Academic Information

Exchange students will review courses from the online class schedule prior to application. Course selections are not guaranteed, though effort is made to accommodate specific course requests. Students will meet with an Academic Advisor during the Orientation prior to the beginning of classes. Exchange Students must provide a minimum of 6 (six) courses of interest on their application. Attached are some examples of available courses for incoming exchange students 
Fall 2024 Class Schedule.xlsx. Spring 2024 Course Catalogue.xlsx
Students will enroll for a minimum of 12 hours, and in most cases, will have 16 hours. This generally consists of 4 courses. Courses are taught in English, with the exception of most of the classes from the Modern Languages and Literature department.
Final grades will be sent to your home institution on your official transcript following the end of the semester.* Students can expect to find the following symbols on their transcript, indicating the official record of their academic work at Rhodes:
A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Satisfactory, D = Passing, F = Failure. A, B, C, D are employed with plus and minus notations.

Housing and Meals

You may read more about the residence halls and meal plans on the Residence Life website. Exchange Students will be placed in shared bedrooms with either a US student or another international student. Single bedrooms are not available. Rhodes attempts to take your preferences into consideration when placing you with your roommate(s), though we can not guarantee that preferences will be honored.
Our exchange agreement with your home university mandates that you, the Exchange Student, will be billed by Rhodes for the cost of your residence hall room and meal plan.** Payment for all charges must be made prior to Rhodes releasing your transcript.

*NOTE: Transcripts are not released until all charges in the student′s billing account have been paid in full.
**With the exception of Rhodes University and ISEP, as those agreements include: Room, Board, and Tuition.