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Find the Program that best suits you. Consider the following:

Study Abroad?

Study off-campus and abroad helps to develop skills—critical, reflective, cross-cultural and intrapersonal—that are integral to a liberal arts education. Your new knowledge and skills from your time studying off-campus are also attractive to prospective employers and grad schools. Set yourself apart by taking advantage of the opportunity to study off-campus and abroad!

WHAT program is the best fit for me? What courses do I want to study? What are the eligibility requirements for the program(s) I like? What languages are the courses taught in? What is the total cost of the program, air ticket, housing, etc?

WHERE on earth do I want to go? Which city do I want to live in? Where will I live (residence hall, apartment, homestay)?

WHEN is the best time for me to be off-campus? When are the relevant deadlines? Can I study off-campus multiple times?

HOW do I find the program that best suits me?  How do I make sure the credits transfer to Rhodes? How do I plan my budget? How do I apply for scholarships? How do I select the housing that I want?

Let's find the answers to these questions! Come to an Advising Session. After attending an Advising Session, you can make one-on-one appointments with your Study Abroad Advisor.

Is There Anyone I can Talk To Who's Studied Abroad Already?

Why, yes!  The Rhodes Global Diplomats (RGD) team is a group of past study abroad students at Rhodes.  RGDs love to meet with Rhodes students interested in studying abroad to offer information and advice on living and taking courses away from Rhodes. The RGD team has an incredible wealth of knowledge about what it is like to be a study abroad student. Contact the Study Abroad Associate, Alexis Franklin, to get in touch with your RGDs.

Select Your Program

What are "Recognized Programs/Providers?"

The programs loaded into our Online Portal for Off-Campus Study are from Rhodes' Recognized Programs/Providers List. They are recognized for providing quality academic instruction and student services. The List is intended to be used as a guide in choosing off-campus programs. Students are not restricted to the programs or institutions on the List; non-recognized programs will be reviewed for approval by the Director of International Programs.

Programs can be discovered by COURSES, by LOCATION, by COST, by HOUSING OPTIONS, by TERM, or a combination. Click here to search for your program with our Online Portal.