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Rhodes Global Delegates

Would you like to know more about studying abroad? Would you like to speak to a Rhodes student who has previously been on your program, to your region, or shares the same major / major track?

Then you need a Rhodes Global Delegate! RGDs are students who have studied abroad and returned to campus with a passion for learning on an international stage and want to advise and mentor departing students. 

RGDs are present at all of our office's events, but if you'd like to connect with an RGD personally, Connect with one HERE

Spring 2019 Schedule of Events

Event Name Event Location Event Date Event Time Event Description
SACK Fair BCLC 15 January 5:00p Study Abroad providers will be
present to talk with students about
study abroad and their programs!
Buckman Fellowship Essay
Review Workshop
Buckman Center
5 February 5:30-8:00p Come and go from 5:30 to 8:00
to receive feedback on your Buckman
Othering & Decolonization
While Abroad
Buckman 108 25 March 7:00p  
Know Before You Go Buckman Center
16 April 7:00p Curious about what to expect while
you're abroad? Come to this panel
discussion with the RSA, Emily, and
Global Delegates!

Any returning off-campus students can contact the RSA for Study Abroad & Global Delegates, Emily Perryabout applying to become a Rhodes Global Delegate.