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Take A Quiz!

Are You Ready?  Let's See!

Circle YES if a statement is true, NO if it is not…yet. Then count your "yes" responses.
  1. YES NO:  I have a passport and have made copies to leave at home and take with me.
  2. YES NO:  I know how to say ‘thank you’ in my host country language.
  3. YES NO:  I know the entry requirements to my host country for persons of my nationality.
  4. YES NO:  I have spoken with a native of my host country.
  5. YES NO:  I know what electrical current is standard in my host country.
  6. YES NO:  I have read a magazine, newspaper or book from my host country in the last 3-6 months.
  7. YES NO:  I can locate my host country and study site on the map.
  8. YES NO:  I have had physical, dental and eye checkups in preparation for going abroad.
  9. YES NO:  I have written prescriptions for my glasses and medications, and a supply for my entire stay.
  10. YES NO:  I have researched news online from my host country in the last 3 months.
  11. YES NO:  I know about pre-departure health recommendations for my host region from
  12. YES NO:  I know the type of government in my host country.
  13. YES NO:  I know the exchange rate for my host country and have practiced converting amounts mentally.
  14. YES NO:  I know how I’m going to take money overseas, and how to get emergency funds if necessary.
  15. YES NO:  I can sing the national anthem of my host country.
  16. YES NO:  I have made copies of all important documents to leave at home in case of loss or theft.
  17. YES NO:  I know the predominant religion of my host country.
  18. YES NO:  I can draw freehand a reasonable map of my host country and surrounding countries.
  19. YES NO:  I know the time difference between my hometown and my study site.
  20. YES NO:  I know how to call the US from my host country.
  21. YES NO:  I know the name of the head of government of my host country.
  22. YES NO:  I know how much a meal will cost in my host country.
  23. YES NO:  I have visited Rhodes Express about the portability (or not) of my financial aid.
  24. YES NO:  All my payments and forms for study abroad are in and up to date.

How many YES responses did you get?

20 or More:
You’re a regular Marco Polo!  Have a great adventure studying abroad!
Almost ready!  You just need to polish a few globes before you go.
You have more than just packing to do before departure…
Less than 10:
Are you sure you know where you're going? You've still got time to prepare - use it well!